The Top 5 Questions About Laser Hair Removal In Houston

Houston patients who seek the assistance of a laser hair removal clinic will typically have a number of questions and this is very understandable. Laser hair removal is not a process that the average Houston patient is going to have a strong level of familiarity with. Luckily, everything we need to know can be learned by asking the proper questions.

The prospect of never having to shave again might seem like some sort of impossibly magical dream. Thanks to laser hair removal in Houston, these dreams can now become a reality.

1) Is The Process Permanent?

Laser hair removal should not be considered permanent. It is actually a reduction and depending on the patient's needs, they may require multiple treatments over the course of a year. The lasers are used to target the person's hair follicles and while these follicles are removed, a patient can experience hormonal shifts that cause the hair to grow back. Be sure to bear this in mind before seeking these types of treatments.

2) Are There Any Risks?

The most important risk that the patient will need to be aware of is the risk of potential eye damage. The person who is providing the laser hair removal treatment and the Houston patient will both need to wear the proper protection so that they are not placing their vision at risk in the short or long term. Scarring and blistering may also occur in certain instances.

3) How Painful Is The Procedure?

A laser hair removal is not going to be completely painless but that does not mean that you should be expecting to experience a great deal of pain. The universal descriptor for the pain that is going to be experienced is a rather simple one. Most doctors compare the sensation to the feeling that we get when a rubber band is snapped against our skin. The skin can also become puffy and red after the procedure is complete.

4) Will We Need To Visit a Doctor?

In order to find out more about whether we will need a doctor to perform the procedure, we must first take the time to visit with a medical professional. From there, we can find out more about the options that are available to us. While there are a variety of places where the procedure can be done, the vast majority of patients are going to need to have a physician present. A doctor has a deeper understanding of the lasers and how they are used. Their presence is crucial.

5) How Long Is This Going To Take?

The length of the treatment will depend on the area of the body that the patient is looking to remove follicles from. If the patient is simply looking to remove hair from the armpit region, this is something that can be done in seconds. Meanwhile, a patient who is in search of the best way to remove hair from a large surface area is going to spend more time having all their unwanted follicles zapped away.


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