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5 Benefits to BioTE

5 Benefits to BioTE

How can you benefit from using Biote’s pellet therapy? One thing is certain, almost anyone has the ability to improve their quality of life by simply giving their body what hormones it can no longer produce on its own.

Unlike the fluctuating (and sometimes dangerous) results of injectable testosterone, dermal patches, and oral form of hormone therapy, patients have found that Biote’s pellet therapy produces steady hormone levels for four to six months. A small implant is placed under your skin and delivers dependable doses of natural hormones to provide an all natural enhanced therapy. The pellets contain a plant-derived source of hormones to supplement your body’s regular hormone levels.

5 Ways Biote Can Help You

  1. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy using Biote has been shown to greatly increase sex drive. Paired with a healthy diet and routine appointments, you can improve your sexual response and restore vaginal dryness. Commonly, patients have even reported an enhancement to their sexual performance.


  1. Secondly, hormone pellet therapy can benefit men as well. Testosterone deficiency can cause loss of libido, fatigue, lack of mental function and more. Biote hormone replacement therapy can alleviate all of these symptoms as its the only form of therapy that produces the ideal level of hormones that men need. As a result of hormonal therapy, men have seen an improvement in their sex drive, energy and much more.


  1. Pellet implants have also been used to prevent numerous diseases such as osteoporosis, breast cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. Estrogen, a hormone regularly produced by the ovaries, has been proven to protect against bone loss and promote your body’s retention of calcium which is needed to build and maintain strong bones. Your heart, muscles, and nerves need calcium to function well and sustain a healthy lifestyle. To conclude, results have shown a vast improvement in overall health.


  1. Bioidentical hormones reduce hot flashes and night sweats associated with menopause. Estrogen levels can drop 40 to 60 percent during menopause. Also, progesterone can drop to near zero in many women. The use of this all-natural pellet therapy can substantially restore hormone balance after menopause.


  1. Natural hormonal therapy can also help eliminate unwanted abdominal fat. For women being mindful of their diet and regularly undertaking hormonal therapy, appropriate abdominal fat distribution can be optimal in offering a healthy lifestyle. This is made possible by pellet therapy, as the hormones involved will specifically target your lipid and glucose metabolism. Research has shown that hormone replacement therapy can decrease intra-abdominal fat as well as intrapelvic fat, making this choice of hormone therapy ideal for people who are aiming for weight loss in those areas.

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