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Why Women Are Raving About PRP

Why Women Are Raving About PRP

Novopelle Med Spa offers the amazing PRP facial. Known also as the “plasma facial”, this amazing procedure is one of the most natural and least invasive in the market. It is one of the preferred methods used to achieve the best results with virtually no waiting time!

What does PRP stand for?

It stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma. Yes, you read correctly. Your plasma will be injected into microscopic holes in your face. After a small blood sample is taken, a centrifuge will separate your blood cells from the plasma and its platelets. These two latter elements are what make the fluid that will be inserted through tiny holes in your skin.

How does it happen?

These microholes will be created by very tiny microneedles. As the plasma is absorbed, the skin starts to heal itself by creating new skin tissue. That is correct! Brand new skin! The process also prompts you to create more collagen, producing the perfect, most flawless skin you will ever have. Read on so you can find out why women are absolutely raving over the Plasma Facial.

#4. It is painless

Before the procedure, we will apply a numbing cream to your face that will conveniently prevent any discomfort. You still will notice how small the microneedles are, and how tiny the facial holes will be. You will be awake and comfortable during the procedure, and you will see results instantly. Take a look in our gallery and watch our video so you can see for yourself how flawless and beautiful your skin will look after the process.

#3. Instant results

That scar, mark, or blemish that has been bothering you for forever will find its end right after the procedure. You will see nature at work as your face instantly repairs its own skin tissue with the best weapon there is: your own plasma. These results also apply to deep and fine wrinkles, and much more.

#2. All-natural look!

Forget that generic, obvious plastic surgery that makes your face look fake. You get to keep the very special qualities that make your face special. You will adore your look! Other methods that inject you with foreign substances are not for everybody. With the use of your own plasma, you do not run the risk of developing a reaction or allergy to the product that is being applied to your face.

#1. It is not just for scarring!

The Plasma facial is good to:

  1. Tighten saggy skin
  2. Correct fine and deep wrinkle lines
  3. Reduce eye puffiness and dark circles
  4. Fix uneven skin tone and sun damage
  5. Diminish the size of pores
  6. Treat rosacea
  7. Eradicate stretch marks
  8. Plump your skin
  9. Make blemishes & acne scarring disappear
  10. Restore your hair (Yes, your hair can also benefit from this treatment! That extra collagen production goes a long way.)

There has never been a better time to consider changing your look with the safest, most artistic esthetic professionals in the field. Book an appointment, or get a free consultation with one of our amazing experts! Novopelle Med Spa. Our state-of-the-art facilities are conveniently located throughout the state of Texas, with offices in Austin, Addison, Houston, and Dallas. Find us online and learn more about the PRP process. Let this be YOUR year!

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