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Are Short-Term Diets Beneficial For Weight Loss?

Are Short-Term Diets Beneficial For Weight Loss?

With so many different diets to choose from, it can be hard to determine which diet you should try and whether or not you will be successful with whatever it is that you chose. While living a healthy lifestyle should be an ongoing process, there can be benefits to using short-term diets as a means to start your weight loss journey. At Novopelle Med Spa, we offer supervision for both the KE diet and the HCG diet, and we will continually work with you to reach your short-term and long-term weight loss goals. If you’re looking for help with weight loss in Austin, the weight loss treatments that we offer just may be what you’re looking for. Novopelle Med Spa also has three other locations throughout Texas so that we can better assist people with their weight loss journey.

Beginning Your Weight Loss Journey

If you’re looking to lose weight, having to change your lifestyle can be daunting—especially when you know that a healthy lifestyle is something that you’d like to continue with long-term. While it’s true that “slow and steady wins the race,” there can be benefits to getting a “jumpstart” on your weight loss and gaining the motivation and momentum that you will need in order to follow through with a long-term weight loss and healthy lifestyle plan. When you come to Novopelle Med Spa for help with weight loss, we can offer one of two diets that are great for jump-starting the weight loss process, and that can actually help you succeed with your long-term goals.

The HCG Diet

The HCG diet can produce rapid weight loss, with the average person reporting 0.5 to one pound of weight loss each day. Each round of the HCG diet can last anywhere from 26 to 40 days, and you can complete as many rounds of the diet as you’d like, as long as you take at least 23 days off between each round. The HCG diet consists of injections of the hormone HCG, which works to encourage your body to release stored fat for energy-use. Because your body will be using the energy that it already has from stored fat, you will experience less hunger and you’ll only need to consume between 500 and 1,000 calories per day. The calories that you will consume while you’re on the HCG diet will come from healthy foods such as fish, chicken, vegetables, and fruits, so you can get used to eating healthier foods, without having to deal with the hunger that can come from a new diet, thanks to the help of the HCG hormone. The HCG diet can be beneficial to try as you’re just beginning your weight loss journey because it can give you results that will encourage you to continue with a healthy lifestyle. Once you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, you may be less likely to want to return to old habits and gain the weight back.

The KE Diet

If you’ve struggled with dieting because you’re always tempted to sneak foods that you shouldn’t, the KE diet may be the diet for you. The KE diet can last anywhere from five to ten days, and you actually won’t have to worry about sneaking any food that you shouldn’t because you won’t be eating any food at all. When you’re on the KE diet, your food will be administered 24/7 through a feeding tube that is inserted through your nose. The food solution will be kept in a small backpack that you will wear. The nutrients that you will receive through the feeding tube will make up for anything that you’d normally get from food including good proteins and fats. Because the solution that you’ll be ingesting doesn’t contain any carbs or sugars, your body should reach a level of ketosis that will encourage fat burning. The KE diet truly is a diet that can jumpstart your weight loss. The idea behind trying the KE diet is to get you used to feeling full and losing weight without having to worry about what kinds of foods you’re eating. Once you’ve completed the KE diet, hopefully, you’ll feel motivated by the weight that you lost and you will have gone a period of time without eating the normal foods that have prevented you from losing weight in the past. When your time on the KE diet is over, you can jump into a new eating routine with better foods, and you’ll already be feeling great and wanting to keep up with it from losing the initial weight.At Novopelle Med Spa, we want to aid people on their weight loss journeys with diets that can give the motivation and momentum required in order to see long-term weight loss results. When you try the HCG diet or KE diet with supervision from Novopelle, we will walk through every step of the process with you, including how to continue with a healthy lifestyle after you’ve completed your short-term diet. If you’d like a free consultation with one of our professionals at Novopelle Med Spa for help with your weight loss in Austin, contact us today. We have four convenient Novopelle Med Spa locations throughout Texas. We’d like to note that we only offer the KE diet at our Austin and Houston locations. Please feel free to also reach out with any questions you may have. We would love to be able to help you with your weight loss journey!

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