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The Science Behind the Plasma Facial

The Science Behind the Plasma Facial

You may have heard of the plasma facial, also known as the vampire facial or PRP treatment, but you may not know why it can be so beneficial for your skin. Here at Novopelle Med Spa, we offer the plasma facial in Dallas, Houston, and our Austin locations. If you’ve been curious about the plasma facial and you’d like to learn more about how the plasma facial works and the science behind this unique type of facial, this blog is for you!

What You Need to Know About the Plasma Facial

The plasma facial is a cosmetic procedure in which blood is drawn from your arm and then that blood is centrifuged in order to separate the platelets and the plasma from your red blood cells. The platelet-rich plasma that has been separated is then injected into your face through the process of micro-needling in order for your face to absorb as much of the platelet-rich plasma as possible.

What Is the Science Behind the Plasma Facial?

Before you try the plasma facial, you may have questions about how this type of procedure would benefit your skin and how it may contain anti-aging benefits. For those of you who are curious, it is believed that when the platelet-rich plasma is injected into your face, the growth factors that are found in platelets can produce healing and they can also produce new collagen growth. Collagen is a protein that is naturally found in your skin, and it helps to keep your skin firm. Because the plasma that is being injected is found naturally and comes from your own body, it is believed that the risk of problems arising from the procedure is low or non-existent. The plasma facial can actually offer people who have been looking for facial injections, but who are wary of other kinds of injectables—a natural alternative for anti-aging injections.

Why Is Micro-Needling Used for the Injections?

While some plastic surgeons and dermatologists give the plasma facial via multiple injections on the face, at Novopelle Med Spa, we believe that, through micro-needling, you can see even better results for your plasma facial. When you use a micro-needling device to inject the platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP, the micro-needling allows for the PRP to be inserted into the skin through microchannels, which are created and allow for the PRP to flow deeply into the skin.

The Lasting Effects of the Plasma Facial

It has been reported by patients who have received the plasma facial that their results usually only increase in the months following their facials. Because the PRP encourages new collagen to form and can produce healing for the skin, over time, the plasma facial can continue to produce results for patients up to 24 months after receiving the facial. Twenty-four months is a considerable amount of time in comparison to other fillers’ visible results, which are usually around nine to 12 months. Now that you know how the plasma facial could benefit your skin, make your appointment at any of our Novopelle Med Spa locations for your plasma facial in Dallas, Houston, or Austin.

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