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What is the Plasma Facial?

What is the Plasma Facial?

The plasma facial has been all the buzz with news reports and celebrities boasting of the benefits in getting a PRP Facial. Maybe you haven’t heard of the plasma facial, or you’re curious how it works, and you may be wondering if it is right for you. At Novopelle Med Spa, we offer the plasma facial at our Houston, Austin, and Dallas locations. If you’re wondering what the PRP treatment is and how exactly it works, this post is for you!

The Plasma Facial

The plasma facial is a procedure wherein a doctor will draw blood from the veins in your arm and then centrifuge the blood in order to separate the plasma and the platelets from your red blood cells. This creates a platelet-rich plasma that the doctor will then inject into your face. In order to improve the chance for extra absorption, the doctor will also use micro-needling techniques in order to distribute the plasma in the most thorough way possible. The plasma will encourage new collagen to form and the tissue in your face should be rejuvenated.

Is There Any Harm In These Types Of Injections?

It has not been proven that using the platelet-rich plasma from your blood would cause any type of harm to your body. However, each individual is different and it cannot be guaranteed that someone could not have an adverse reaction.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

While each individual is different and results may vary, some people have reported seeing results from their plasma facial within a few days of the PRP treatment. Most people will see results within three to four weeks after their treatment. It should be noted that some patients have reported slight bruising following the injections. You can have the plasma facial performed on a monthly basis until you reach your desired results. We will not limit the number of times you wish to have this procedure done. Most people say that the results of their plasma facial have lasted around 24 months on average.

Who Could Benefit From The Plasma Facial?

If you are looking for a skin treatment that could potentially reduce the appearance of aging, wrinkles, scars, and bags under your eyes (just to name a few), the Plasma Facial may be for you. The plasma facial has been shown to benefit the skin by creating a smoother and more youthful skin appearance. This procedure can be done within an hour, making it easy to schedule, even for the busiest of people! The plasma facial is designed to volumize and plump your entire face. This treatment is desirable based on the fact that it uses the blood from your own body so that no foreign elements are entering your body except the sterile needle. If you have questions regarding the plasma facial or you would like to schedule your first appointment for your own Plasma Facial, contact Novopelle Med Spa. We can perform the plasma facial at our Houston, Austin, and Dallas locations.

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