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4 Things You Need To About the HCG Diet

4 Things You Need To About the HCG Diet

Imagine losing a pound a day but never feeling hungry? It might sound good to be true, but it is… it’s called the HCG diet. It is a diet that combines a very low-calorie diet with a hormone injection that helps you lose the fat and not the muscle in your body. How does it work? The HCG hormone simultaneously suppresses your appetite at the same time it is helping your body get rid of the unnecessary fat.

  1. HCG is a pregnancy hormone- human chorionic gonadotropin is the hormone women make when they are pregnant.
  2. You lose weight– You can expect to lose .5lb to 1lb. a day
  3. You won’t feel hungry- The HCG suppresses your appetitive, and although you aren’t eating a very low-calorie diet you won’t feel hungry, because your body is feeding itself from the stored fat you already have.
  4. Experts agree it works– Experts, like Dr. Oz, have endorsed the diet, but agree that supplements or pills of HCG don’t work, just the injections or drops.

**Like any weight loss program, there could be some side effects, this is why the hormone must be prescribed and supervised by a doctor. ** Learn more about HCG diet HERE

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