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Scientific Study Shows PRP an Effective Cosmetic Solution

Scientific Study Shows PRP an Effective Cosmetic Solution

In a study done by qualified dermatologists on treating facial scarring, platelet-rich plasma therapy was put up against a traditional Vitamin C treatment, and PRP emerged the clear winner. The study looked at 30 individuals suffering from facial scarring. Each participant received a different treatment to each side of the face: on one side, platelet-rich plasma and on the other, Vitamin C. Platelet-rich plasma, a treatment that utilizes platelets separated from a patient’s own blood, improves tissue and collagen growth, which leads to rejuvenated, healthier skin. Vitamin C has long been known to be beneficial for skin cells and also improves collagen production. Both treatments were applied at the same volume and were applied using the same method, microneedling. Both treatments continued for the same amount of time, 17 weeks. What was not the same, however, were the results. More than twice as many participants saw results considered “excellent” for PRP than those who reported the same results for Vitamin C. Furthermore, subjects gave better reviews to PRP treatment than they did to Vitamin C. Overall, the study concluded that “PRP with microneedling is a better treatment option than microneedling with Vitamin C…”

According to the study, PRP’s many advantages that make it a better option for treating facial irregularities because it uses the body’s natural healing process and activates several growth factors. In addition, researchers describe PRP as a “promising, easy to perform technique.” This study is confirmative of what American consumers have been saying: PRP is an effective, trustworthy cosmetic solution. Transparency Market Research’s July 13 report stated that PRP is growing in popularity across North America and is predicted to continue to grow in popularity due to a “rise in cosmetic surgeries.”

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