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The Numbers Are in: Platelet-Rich Plasma is the Treatment of the Future

The Numbers Are in: Platelet-Rich Plasma is the Treatment of the Future

Recent studies have led top analysts to conclude that the world of platelet-rich plasma therapy is a growing market that will be the cosmetic go-to of the near future.

Transparency Market Research’s June report predicts exceptional economic growth in the PRP industry. Expected to grow by more than 11 percent between now and 2020, the area of PRP treatment is rapidly becoming more and more popular across the nation, as well as the world.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, a treatment that separates and utilizes the body’s own blood plasma to encourage tissue growth, sees use in a variety of fields, from orthopedic surgery to sports medicine.

However, one of the fastest growing fields listed by the report is the cosmetic industry. PRP therapy is becoming a popular way to achieve softer, more youthful skin and a thicker, fuller head of hair.

According to the report, some of the treatment’s qualities that have contributed to its success include its cost-effectiveness, low risk, and simplicity.

As Dr. Alan Matarasso of New York points out, PRP is a far cheaper method of obtaining newfound beauty than costly plastic surgery.

In addition, its use of an individual’s own blood and natural regenerative processes makes it a safe, 20-minute procedure that is easier than any surgical operation.

Transparency also lists the likelihood of advancements and “new application[s]” in the field of platelet-rich plasma therapy as a reason for its predicted rise.

No matter what advancements PRP treatments sees, it is clear that it is a smart, simple, and effective cosmetic solution that is becoming the future of facial beautification.

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